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Terrifier 2

Terrifier 2


Synopsis: After being resurrected by a sinister entity, Art the Clown returns to Miles County where he must hunt down and destroy a teenage girl and her younger brother on Halloween night. As the body count rises, the siblings fight to stay alive while uncovering the true nature of Art's evil intent.


This October marks the return of the newest Horror Icon - Art the Clown in Damien Leone’s Terrifer 2. Picking up right where the previous film left off, the murderous main character is resurrected mysteriously to continue his killing spree.

What follows is possibly the largest gorefest that I have ever seen in the Horror/Slasher genre. The only film that comes to mind that could rival how much blood and guts are shed before our eyes is 1992’s Brain Dead by Peter Jackson.

Let’s talk about the character of Art, shall we? Art is a creepy clown dressed in black and white with sharp teeth. Thick black make up around his eyes and mouth and a demonic pointed nose. He never speaks or makes a single sound. David Howard Thornton portrays this insane slasher in such a way that truly does elevate Art to Icon status. Thornton’s ability to work with and through the makeup and prosthetics is so captivating that you can’t take your eyes off him as much as you want to hide them from the mutilation and body horror that he inflicts. Unlike Freddy with his clawed glove, Jason with his machete, or Michael with his kitchen knife – Art the clown uses every and all things to slash, hack, dismember, eat, and bludgeoned. Nothing is off limits including a machine gun and flame thrower.

The creation of Writer/Director/Editor Damien Leone, this franchise is sure to have many follow ups. Leone started in the film industry as a special effects make-up artist and lends those talents to this film - And what talents they are!! Each one of Art’s victims meets their demise in unique ways – from being beaten with surgical hammer and eye ripped out to being slashed numerous times and having bleach and salt poured in the wounds. This movie is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The effects are well done and almost too believable. Perhaps because no one has been willing to “go there” but I would imagine it’s more that Leone has one of the most imaginative (albeit sick and twisted) minds in the business today. There is no surprise that theaters are reporting people vomiting or fainting at screenings.

My only problem with the film is that there’s not enough story to match the amount of Gore. Art the Clown seems to have targeted and young girl, Sienna, and her brother, Jonathan, in this one on Halloween. Played by Lauren LaVera and Elliott Fullam respectively. Sienna is probably the most well rounded of the characters in the film. She is trying to find closure with the loss of her father due to Suicide while also fend off a Killer Clown (not from outer space - that’s a whole different movie). Kudos to not only LaVera’s acting ability but her physicality, as well. What she delivers during the violence and fight scenes would rival any Final Girl in a Slasher film with an added superhero twist.

Overall, I left Terrifier 2 intrigued by where the story can go from here (especially after the mid credit ending). This film throws all the blood and guts at you and if you are a fan of Horror and Slasher films you should make it a point to check this one out. My hope for the next one would be a little backstory. I have seen the first (Terrifier)[], and Art has made appearances in other movies and short films, but if this is now his official outing for a wider audience I hope he gets “fleshed” out. Pun intended.