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Triangle of Sadness

The first viewing of this film was my favorite experience of Middleburg Film Festival in 2022, and then I was able to show my wife and friends this film at...

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

The first viewing of this film I was pretty off put, and didn't love it. I have spent a lot of time listening to podcasts, and read many reviews that...

Reservoir Dogs

This is the film that changed how I thought about film, it changed my perspective on what movies could be, and was probably the film I watched more then any...

Armageddon Time

A film that surfaces a lot of really thorny issues and realities of growing up in NYC in the 1980s without truly interrogating or reckoning with those problems.

Let the Right One In

The best horror film I have seen this year, there is more humanity, intimacy and believable scenes in this film then in all the others I have watched.

Terrifier 2

There are Scary movies and there are Gory movies. Terrifer 2 is much more the latter. So much more the latter.